“To the roots of energy. Acrobatic and athletic dance show’


5 - 6 - 7   September


09:00 pm - 09:30 - 10:10 pm


Piazza Vecchia - Bergamo

ABenergie’s “To the roots of energy. Acrobatic and athletic dance show’ is performed by the Italian acrobatic dance company Kataklò, which will merge dance, acrobatic athletics, mimicry, humour, sound, light and costumes to bring imaginative and dynamic choreographies to life. Through the power of the dancers' movements, a show of great expressive intensity will come to life that explores energy from its roots to energy in all its forms. In dialogue with the Luciano Giubbilei ‘s evocative installation, created for the Ninth Edition of the Festival, the performance will be a continuous crescendo of strength and emotion expressed by the bodies and their movements of great technical daring, a true characteristic of the Company.

For 7 years ABenergie has been supporting the Landscape Festival - I Maestri del Paesaggio because it strongly believes that spreading culture and respect for the environment in which we live is the first step to preserve its beauty and authenticity. ABenergie is committed day by day to concrete actions so that the community, of which we are all part, preserves the landscape by respecting the principles of environmental sustainability.


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