Paesaggi energETICI - the role of landscape gardeners, between ethics and opportunities

The recent crises, pandemic, climatic and energetic, are only the effects of a phenomenon that we have learned to know how Antropocene, our way of living and inhabiting the planet is colliding with the resources and natural dynamics that regulate it.  In this global scenario, we are all called to act urgently, risking putting in place improvised and ineffective solutions.  The production of energy through renewable sources, such as the sun and the wind, is certainly a shareable and correct solution and in the years to come will transform our landscapes.  Is it possible to assume that from the current landscape, the child of fossil fuels, we will move to that of renewable energy? And at what price? What will be the role of the landscape gardener?

These are the questions that we want to answer through a free and open confrontation with the different opinions that are inevitably forming.


AIAPP section Lombardy and section Campania Basilicata Calabria organize so on the occasion of the event "The Masters of the Landscape - edition 2022" a round table open to landscapers, institutions and free citizens.


17   September


from 2.30pm to 7.30pm


Sala dei Giuristi