Talk La Terza Piuma

The natural colors instructions for use

La Terza Piuma presents "Color the Revolution". 

Since 2020, La Terza Piuma has joined Fashion Revolution, an international movement that promotes a more socially and environmentally sustainable fashion. 

In 2022, thanks to the contribution of the Fondazione Comunità Bergamasca, led a 40-hour course held by the M.E. Salice Historical Association in the field of coloring in a natural way, volunteers of the Botanical Garden and some students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo where they went to deepen the history of color, the origins of the art of natural dyeing, dyeing plants, their use and the method of extraction. The project continues and, during this talk we will tell how and in what ways you can join.  

Dry cleaning plants are around us, but often we do not know. A talk where we will discover which are the main dry-cleaning plants and where we can find. Plants that are now part of our daily landscape and that we see daily have properties and uses, all to be discovered. 


16   September


from 5.30pm to 7.00pm


Sala dei Giuristi