Talk Panariagroup


As the presentation of the event that hosts us reminds us, the Landscape Festival: "The work of man must be an integration and possibly a respectful and gentle improvement of the landscape around us".

A landscape that can be domestic or urban, designed up to the scale of the territory.

The architects who are guests of the meeting on September 20 in Bergamo express, through their poetic design, a "kind" idea of architecture, respectful of the environment and of the people who live there.

Helped by a group of experts and opinion leaders, during the meeting (name seat/ hall) we will share some reflections on the relationship between the increasing attention to the environment and the characters of new or renovated buildings. To discover how materials play, in this relationship, still a fundamental role, as well as the work of companies that constantly improve processes and products.


20   September


from 6.00pm to 8.00pm


Sala dei Giuristi