Mediation in environmental and landscape conflicts; the Cartabia reform and the participation of the P.A.

The event is organized in collaboration with the Mediation Body Resolutia Srl, which is also headquartered in the city of Bergamo; the same also boasts consolidated international collaborations both at European and american.  The Body, accredited to the relevant Ministerial Register, aims to present and promote the instrument of mediation to manage environmental conflicts and landscape.  Many potential conflicts related to the above issues, can be in fact virtuously discussed and resolved in mediation, involving the Public Administration and in the presence of a properly trained mediator, third party and impartial subject that facilitates the communication of the parties, with absolutely faster times, in-depth analysis and consequent collective and environmental use.  This is without considering that mediation is a potentially effective tool to try to resolve increasingly numerous transnational disputes in the presence of an experienced mediator, even with adequate language skills.  The mediation meetings, or a part of them, can be held online avoiding expensive trips with obvious benefits for the environment.  In the context of the conference will also be analyzed the issue of the fiscal and accounting aspects of the mediation of environmental conflicts and will be discussed the news' of the recent reform Cartabia designed to encourage the participation of P.A. in these procedures.


The program of the Talk:


INSTITUTIONAL GREETINGS: Senator Maria Alessandra Gallone and Honorable Graziella Leyla Ciagà



Avv. Paolo Savoldi - Responsible center of Bergamo di Resolutia srl

Title of the speech "La mediazione dei diritti ambientali e del paesaggio: cosa è e come funziona"


Avv. Paola Brambilla - Delegated WWF Italy for the Lombardy

Title of the speech "Fonti rinnovabili, mediazione, transizione energetica e paesaggio"


Mr. Pasquale Tarricone - Mediator and trainer of Resolutia
Title of the speech - "La riforma Cartabia e le novità per la mediazione"



MODERATOR: Avv. Vittorio Rodeschini, president of the association Arketipos


19   September


from 6.00pm to 8.00pm


Sala dei Giuristi, Piazza Vecchia