The Ultimate Vertical Green Solution


16   September


at 06.00 pm


Piazza Pontida - Bergamo

Terre verticale is a unique and innovative product that revolutionises the concept of vertical green. It is born with the objective to put in vertical a suitable soil for the cultivation of plants and ornamental flowers. The system allows you to give plants what they need to ignite, grow and last over time.

Intervention by | Valter Angeli

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 2019_Logo Valter Angeli

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From a specialized know-how on the production of plant systems and thanks to years of experimentation and specific research an intelligent solution has been created:
• high soil water retention = lower water consumption
• high persistence of vegetation = stability and natural inertia
• rare and minimal fertilization = no fertigation

Warranty and durability: greater than any other solution, thanks to the stability of the system and its natural persistence.
Minimum maintenance: 10 times less than other vertical green systems. Reduction of plant deaths and replacement costs.
Ready to take effect: the product is also available pre-cooked in nursery and can be installed already finished in work.
Structural function: can be installed directly as a wall of buildings and not only as a vegetable coating or application to existing walls.
Personalization: wide choice of floral composition according to its aesthetic tastes and botanical aspects.