5 > 20 September


from 11.00 am to 08.00 pm


Chiostro del Carmine - Bergamo


The human-arboreal shapes of "VibrAzioni" welcome, embrace and witness the vital breath that animates Monica Paulon’s installation of Fiber Art at Tenth Landscape Festival -I Maestri del Paesaggio 2020.


Numerous aerial figures stand out, subtly innervated by botanical architectures designed by the emerald and golden silk threads that trace them, as if they were - in the artist's imagination - the ethereal bodies of those who left the physical life, but continue to nourish and illuminate those who still inhabit human bodies, thanks to the fusion with everlasting Nature.

Transformation is, in fact, the dominant theme of the installation that Monica Paulon conceived and developed during the closing down due to Covid 19. Months of isolation that pushed her to create imaginative characters, to overcome distances and to reconnect to presences sought and desired.


Project by: Monica Paulon, textile artist


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Presences that her art has conceived, imagined and shaped to build a world made of worked textures that have a few elements as a starting point: recycled silk, wool, water and the skilful work of her hands to search, combine and define layers, shapes, curves, details, symbols and finally, human silhouettes. Dense and consistent in some parts, fringed and ethereal, until they become impalpable, in the indefinite edges, as if they merge with the surrounding space.

And slowly, while artists and poets were leaving us, Monica Paulon's "silhouettes" came to life, ideally celebrating talents and gifts, to the point of making their subtle breathing material testify their presence, their actions and the furrows that they have indelibly left during their earthly passage.


No soul has slipped away forgotten. They are all there, suspended by thin threads, as if descending from the celestial vaults, so that visitors can still perceive their aura and vibrations, losing themselves in the dense and intense installation.


The music by Ezio Bosso and Emiliano Toso seal a deal between souls, comforted by the scents of resinous essences that prepare the heart to open and to join evanescent and subtle worlds.