“utile et humile et pretiosa et casta”

Guided tour with Associazione culturale ‘Guide turistiche Città di Bergamo’




Sala Locatelli, Città Alta - Bergamo

The intention is to stimulate considerations on the fast transformation that the territory is undergoing and whose consequences on our existence we are not yet able to fully evaluate.  Instead of the crystal clear water characteristic of the alpine lakes, we find dried algae that cover the rocks of the lake bed almost like a richly woven mantle. Multiform algae have created a fantastic and surreal landscape in which you can see evocative and disturbing figures. Images that fascinate and at the same time create turmoil, fear of the effects of a future characterized by long periods of drought and invite us to become aware of the risk of desertification of large areas of the earth. Other images in the exhibition present landscapes dominated by rich vegetation to invite reflection on the fundamental role of water in life on the planet. The goal is to generate awareness of environmental issues, especially water scarcity, urge the viewer to
an active behavior to safeguard the natural balance and be aware of the fragility of the ecosystem of which we are part.

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